CES Monday 2013

CES Monday Day 1   

 The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show began with the Qualcom keynote and a slew of embargoed media events,.  I have loved electronics since I was a kid and this spin-off of the COMDEX shows I used to  attend, is like a technical amusement park open a few days a year.  It could be considered a combination of Burning Man and SEMA focused on consumer electronics.  Tonight we heard the vision Qualcom has for the future of mobile computing, and there are dragons in our future.  Between their Snapdragon processor and mobile specific firmware advancements they sound like they will lead the charge to put mobile on par with laptops and desktops, adding a passion for mobile functionality and location combined with personal awareness.
Mobile, Social, and and completely connected to everything that is you, consumer electronics are moving at a lightning pace. When the convergence of these key elements combine seamlessly we get products that amaze us and inspire designers to do even better.  This show is all about the new the future and the ideas that might be.  Sure many of the products we see this week will never see the light outside of the show, but they will have an impact on the future of the industry anyway.  It is quite an achievement to bring a new device to market.  While devices have changed over the years and prototyping has gotten faster, you still have to manufacture it and sell it.  Any product that made it to the CES show deserves to have its chance to fail, and if it happens to hit it big and get good press then, well, CES has done its job.
Here are my images of the pre-show activities and some from around town. I will be posting every night so stay tuned and enjoy!

a  walker

a robotic snake