2013 Will be a Year of Change

Goodbye 2012

My wife Margo and I celebrated the new year in San Francisco and above is the scene just after the fireworks were over.  The dark cloud from the fireworks symbolizes the dark year 2012 was for most, and seeing it drift away and clear to show the city in its true glory was inspiring.

So 2013 will be a year of change and milestones.

In this year 

  • I will attend the CES show in Las Vegas,
  • I will find my next career in one of my passions,
  • We will move to Seaside, California a few weeks after CES
  • Margo will celebrate her 2nd full year being cured of Type I Diabetes,
  • Margo will also celebrate 2 years with no rejection of any kind for her new Pancreas (very rare to not have an initial rejection in the first year),
  • My son will graduate from the Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science MAOS and be accepted into a University,
  • My son Ian will move away to college
  • I will celebrate or loath my 48th birthday
  • I will celebrate and enjoy my 14th anniversary of marriage and 16th year with my wife Margo
  • I will celebrate 8 years of extended time after my head-on collision

It will be an amazing year and I hope yours is too.

Starting off will be the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I will post pictures and daily updates from the show here. The road-trip begins Friday morning January 4th 2013.  Maybe I will try to do some G+ hangouts from the show floor to share the experience.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me in 2012 especially my Wife and family, 2013 will be a better year for us all.


May 2013 be good to you and yours as well!!!

Check out my photography site and watch for some great CES images coming next week.  xarray.smugmug.com