DJI Phantom 3 series Cracked Lens Cover Workaround

Here in this video George explains the problem he experienced with a Phantom 3 and a cracked lens cover.  Flying without the screw on lens cover works but may upset the balance of the gimbal.  Here is a workaround until DJI has replacement lens covers.   I have not heard of this happening to anyone […]

The Phantom 3 resource page at

We have just launched out Phantom 3 Series Resource Page here at The latest addition to this growing page is the firmware upgrade process.  Come over and check out all the info for your new Phantom.

The Drones, Data x Conference

Drones are data acquisition computers and this conference looked at many of the ideas that are being developed for the underlying infrastructure of thier future.  There were a lot of talks about security and authorizations to fly or otherwise run a routine on a drone, much like you have to log into active directory on […]