A drone rescue like none other

Drone rescue jumpers!

While testing some new Polar Pro polarizing filters for the GoPro Hero 4 aboard my DJI Phantom 2, the drone became “stranded” 300 feet down, in a crevasse, below a bridge, near the Pacific Ocean.  I was dreading the dangerous climb down to get my aircraft.  While getting ready to descend I saw some good friends drive up.  I told them what the situation was and they offered to do a drone rescue like none other.  As they began their preparations for a descent to the river below, I asked if I could help.   Cyn Currie handed me her “Pilot Chute” and asked me to perform a PCA, a pilot chute assist.

image courtesy of Cyn Currie

Image acquired with Cyn Currie’s GoScope and GoPro



Yes, my Drone Rescue Crew used Base Jumping as their method of descent.  I have the greatest, most diverse group of friends.  These two amazing women landed on the beach and began looking for my stranded craft.  I can’t thank them enough for saving me from climbing down there.  I have some pretty badly injured knees that would not have done well.

GOPR0042.MP4.12_10_25_33.Still002                                      GOPR0048.MP4.12_40_53_52.Still001

After a short while the ladies found my drone and climbed back up the 300 foot cliff.  The drone was in fairly decent shape and will be flying less than 24 hours later again.  The testing of the Polar Pros GoPro Polarizing Filters will have to be redone. I lost the best filter in the pack while this craziness was happening.

If you ever strand your drone below a tall bridge, I hope you are as lucky as I was this week.  Here is a short summary video of the highlights of this episode.

Cyn Currie used a GoScope and GoPro combination to capture some of these images. Cyn is an expert Skydiver, Base jumper, Paraglider and more…