About The Whirling Tripod

WhirlingTripod.com is George Krieger’s online base for all of his aerial exploits.


George Krieger is a photographer, cinematographer, technologist, futurist, drone pilot, and aerial educator among other things.  He started training aerial instruction at TheArcanum.com which was founded by Trey Ratcliff, Peter Giordano, and Curtis Simmons.  The Arcanum was a new spin on the ancient Master / Apprentice learning methods using Google communities  and a proprietary application site, as a community based, master lead, educational structure. The Arcanum closed its doors in 2019.

In 2005 George was told he only had a 9% chance to live after a horrific head on collision.  He was expected to never walk again if he did survive.   After continuing years of beating the odds and being told he would never do many things that he does every day now, he continues to exceed the surgeons expectations of his abilities.  While George can climb to the hilltops and walk along the beaches today, his mobility will not last as long as his desire to go out and do things.  One of the things he wants to keep doing is photography of the amazing California Big Sur Coastline.  Aerial flying cameras are the only logical proxy that can guarantee that his mobility will not prevent him from doing what he loves.   As a way to support his aerial habits and share his knowledge with other photographers that seek a new perspective,  teaching  and operating as a FAA licensed aerial image capture and production specialist, has become a much larger part of his life.

George has created this web presence to publish his knowledge and share his artwork that is aerial based.  Whirling Tripod is expected to host workshops and educational materials for the drone/UAS/UAV/Flying Camera first responder community. Technologies that will be spotlighted here include but are not limited to:
Photography, Cinematography, Mapping, Panoramic Aerials, 360 degree imaging, small sensor camera technologies and processing, flying sensors, aerial programming platforms, autonomous control, remote control, aerial long exposure, Adobe for aerial processing, virtual reality, aerial safety, aircraft modification, aircraft insurance, commercial pilots certificate, legalities, aerial ethics, commercial uses and aerial attitudes.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to George@WhirlingTripod.com