NAB Show Pre-Game Party at Hakasan


 Whirling Tripod Takes you to the NAB SHOW!!! What you have never been to an NAB Party?  No worries come along with us as we have a drink and dance at the NAB Pre-Game Party.  The event is being held at the MGM Grand’s Hakasan night club.  I hope you like loud music 😀 All […]

The NAB Show is in Vegas, where it is illegal to fly drones.

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  The Whirling Tripod is in Las Vegas to cover one of the largest Unmanned Aircraft/Drone Expos, The NAB Show.  So why isn’t the above image of the Vegas Strip?  Because flying in class B airspace is restricted in all of Las Vegas.  Thats right, both the Consumer Electronics Show and The NAB Show, which are […]

A drone rescue like none other

Cyn for the Win

Drone rescue jumpers! While testing some new Polar Pro polarizing filters for the GoPro Hero 4 aboard my DJI Phantom 2, the drone became “stranded” 300 feet down, in a crevasse, below a bridge, near the Pacific Ocean.  I was dreading the dangerous climb down to get my aircraft.  While getting ready to descend I […]

The DJI Phantom 3 has Launched


Today in cities around the world DJI Global broadcast live aerial streaming video from their new professional class consumer drone.  The Phantom 3 has a 4K video camera and a 12MP still camera that shoots Adobe DNG raw files. Retailing at $1259 this drone will be a sales leader immediately.  The new Phantom 3 inherits […]