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Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional Firmware Upgrade Process

(At this time, everyone who gets a new Phantom 3 will need to upgrade the firmware manually, as shown in this video, if you want to fly and use the DJI Pilot App)


1. Download the new firmware from (make sure you get the right one for your model Professional or Advanced)

2. extract the entire contents of the ZIP file to the chip used in the aircraft gimbal. (this can be done by moving the chip to you PC and extracting the files directly to the chip) Make sure the .BIN file is in the root directory of the chip!

3. Also extract the same files to a usb drive root directory for the remote control to get upgraded too.

4. Insert the chip back into the Phantom 3 Gimbal and power up the aircraft (the remote should be turned off before power up)

you will hear a beeping noise that is comprised of 4 beeps in a row repeated over and over as the firmware upgrades.

When the beeping changes to one beep followed by 2 more beeps (3 beeps repeated) then the firmware upgrade is complete. (Also the light on the front of the gimbal shows a green light when finished as well. This process takes quite a bit of time and can last longer than you think. mine took about 5 minutes

5. While the Phantom 3 is upgrading you can start the remote controler upgrade

6. Take the thumb drive you loaded firmware files on before and insert it into the turned off remote’s ubs slot on the back of the controller (the same one that you plug your device into)

7. Turn on the remote controller. wait about 5 seconds and the LED light will turn blue during the upgrade. (this takes about 1-2 minutes)

8. After the controller LED turns green the firmware upgrade is complete for the remote control device. take out the USB and power it down.

9. The aircraft should be done upgrading and making the 3 beeps repeated now.  Recycle the power and start your remote control.  ( on some mobile devices you will need to reauthorize the use of USB debugging for the app to connect again.)


All firmware should be upgraded … time for a test flight!  Watch the video above to understand this better


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This section of the page offers Information About the DJI Phantom 3 Professional and compares it to other models

We just got our new DJI Global Phantom 3 Series Professional model Quadcopter.  Here George takes a brief look at the external differences between the Vision+ and the P3Pro.  Later today we will go out and fly it to do more informative videos for you.  Each new perspective on the Phantom 3 will be added to this page.