Mapping an annual event at a prestigious venue

by DroneDeploy
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The Carmel Mission and Basilica 3D Model Map

I had an opportunity to fly a map of the Carmel Mission this week. I am doing a proof of concept, for events and venues using mapping.

During an event that happens year after year, the same setup is used every time. Most of the places that handle the events and their production make diagrams and reuse them each year to show the workers what it will look like. Some places take images and video to document their annual setups. Now a new era is here, and soon events will want to make 3D model maps just before the event starts each year for use in next year’s planning.

by DroneDeploy
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Here is the setup map I made the night before the event after the main setup was done.

Case in point, The Taste of Carmel, opening night which is held at the Carmel Mission Basilica. Every year the tables and stage are placed in the same arrangement. The lighting and sound are also setup the same each year. Having the setup documented each year is a pain and results in data that no one looks at ever again. Next year, they will have a photorealistic 3D model to refer to from this year’s event. Since the model was made from images, the colors of the decor and lighting are also recorded. This is the perfect solution for accurate, year to year documentation, and planning of an event. And it is such a pretty model to play with. Since it is made in a just a few hours, and hosted online, it can also be a marketing tool and social media share before the event is over.

Pilot and Author George Krieger
Aircraft DJI Phantom 3 Professional
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Map and 3D model Processing by DroneDeploy‘s Mapping Engine Option