The DJI Phantom 3 has Launched


Today in cities around the world DJI Global broadcast live aerial streaming video from their new professional class consumer drone.  The Phantom 3 has a 4K video camera and a 12MP still camera that shoots Adobe DNG raw files. Retailing at $1259 this drone will be a sales leader immediately.  The new Phantom 3 inherits the Inspire 1’s live streaming and application improvements.  Improved battery life and power gives you 23 minutes of air time in ideal conditions.  Every aspect of the Phantom platform seems to have been upgraded or improved in may ways.  With the addition of integrated Lightbridge the range of the Phantom 3 is now over 1 mile.  This will be a game-changer in the world of live broadcasting and low budget film production.  The new craft is no slouch at still imagery either.  With complete manual camera controls for shutter speed F-Stop and ISO gives us a flying sensor to be proud of.  The flat lens omits the need for lens correction and reduces distortion to imperceivable levels.

I can’t wait to fly this new beast of a drone……