The NAB Show is in Vegas, where it is illegal to fly drones.

The Whirling Tripod is in Las Vegas to cover one of the largest Unmanned Aircraft/Drone Expos, The NAB Show.  So why isn’t the above image of the Vegas Strip?  Because flying in class B airspace is restricted in all of Las Vegas.  Thats right, both the Consumer Electronics Show and The NAB Show, which are two of the largest industry shows with drone relevance, are held in Las Vegas. You may have seen aerial footage of the strip and places around here, but it has always been against the law, in the FAA interpretation of this area’s airspace rules.  There are a few very valid reasons drones can’t fly here. One is that the whole valley is within the 5 mile zone around major airports.  The second is the violation of commercial filming rights here in Vegas, and of the Casinos, which also have their own filming rights and privacy issues.  Remember that saying “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”, they take it very seriously here.

Areas where there are rules against flying remote controlled aircraft have to exist.  Those areas should remain violation free, as there are millions of other places in the world to fly.  Someday things might change, until then we stay clear of no fly zones here at the Whirling Tripod. One of the closest  places to Las Vegas that is legal to fly, is the public use area around the Ivanpah Solar Thermal Power Generation Project.  Of course, flying over the actual solar plant is not legal and would be foolish.  The Ivanpah Solar Facility is the currently the world’s largest solar thermal power station, providing the best practices for installation and services. It has a published capacity of nearly 400 megawatts of energy. It uses 173,500 heliostats that have 2 mirrors each to focus sunlight on 3 boiler towers. The steam that is produced, drives special turbines to generate clean energy. You can  view Premier Improvements Solar website to get the best solar installed in your premises as it can save more money and time or you can also check my site to know more about solar installations.

The NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) exhibit halls open tomorrow. The Whirling Tripod will cover the new Drone Pavillion and related areas You can follow George Krieger on Instagram or Facebook to catch all the action  Highlights and summaries will be posted on the website via the Whirling Tripod‘s Facebook page.  We are testing out some live streaming apps to use for this show, and hopefully one of them will work out.