Whirling Tripod Workshops

Whirling Tripod Workshops will teach you how to get it right.  One of the biggest differences between flying cameras and ground based production, is that you have to get your camera back safely before you can process the data.  Learning how to take the proper steps to ensure that you get your hard work recorded and to production is just the beginning.  Our workshops will take you further showing you how to accomplish the most with each battery and make your flights extremely productive. You will get one on one instruction during the workshop and communication with the leader to clarify questions after the workshop. Workshops will include everything from the basic “How do I fly this thing” course to full mastery sessions focused on a specific process or project.  If you have immediate needs that our workshops do not cover please email george@whirlingtripod.com and ask about personalized one on one sessions that can even be done at your location to fit your schedule.

Small Group and 1 on 1 workshops are available at almost anytime, by appointment, just email george@whirlingtripod.com for more details.

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