A new service lets you “Enjoy” your drone the very first day you get it!

Buy your drone and a few hours later someone shows up and shows you how to fly it.  You are up and running within hours and sharing your first images… Sounds pretty cool!

A new company called Enjoy, debuted today in San Francisco’s Bay Area and starts in NYC May 13th. They are a concierge shopping and delivery service that has a 60 minute technical visit to get you up and running. They claim that once you order the product it is only a few hours until you receive it and it is delivered by a technical support person to show you the ropes. The service costs $99 but seems well worth it when purchasing such an expensive piece of tech.

From their press release Enjoy says :

ENJOY has partnered with the best brands in the world, including AT&T, Boosted, DJI, GoPro, HP, Lenovo, Sonos, and Specialized Bicycle. Each product is offered with a customized experience, designed by the partner company and delivered by the ENJOY Expert. For example, when someone buys a GoPro, the ENJOY Expert will hand deliver the product, unbox the GoPro and then help the customer create, edit and share their first movie.

I hope they have thought ahead about charging batteries and firmware upgrades. If not they will figure that out soon.


Head over to www.goenjoy.com and check out the new service…