Drone Pilots Need More Pockets – Clothing recommendations for Drone Pilots


Most of this winter I have been flying and attending drone related conferences, events, and activities wearing a pair of khakis that have special pockets for carrying a lot of stuff.  I have been using them a lot because they are the only long pants that I have, that can carry extra batteries for my DJI drones.  Those large proprietary batteries are not easy to carry around.  This past week I worked on a proof of concept, for music festival marketing, in 100 degree weather.  So it was back to my normal summer flying clothing, Docker’s cargo shorts.   They have great pockets for carrying everything a Photographer and Drone Pilot need for the day and I have worn them for years.  I was immediately in pain as I walked away from camp to go fly, while wearing my Docker’s cargo shorts.  Every step the batteries in my pockets would hit my leg, as they are very large pockets and have no support for the weight of our batteries.  I remember this happening before but it did not bother me as much because I was just happy to be able to carry 2 extra batteries without a case or backpack.  Now I am used to being able to carry those same batteries comfortably  in my long pants and having to wear the Docker’s shorts are just painful to me.

The pants I have been wearing are called Hidden Cargo Pants from a company called Scottevest.  I knew I liked these pants the first time I wore them.  All winter I have been using these pants and one of their featherweight jackets to do most of my flying and photography adventures.  Scottevest clothes have an unimaginable amount of pockets for the things geeks like us bring into the field.  Their designs facilitate carrying large amounts of gadgets and distributing the weight like no pockets I have ever used.  I can carry almost every thing in my flight case while wearing these two clothing items.  I did not think that I would have a hard time wearing my old cargo pants to carry drone batteries, but after being spoiled wearing Scottevest’s Hidden Cargo Pants all winter, I realized that my shorts were never ideal.  The company also makes shorts with the same pocket system as their pants.  Those are the next shorts in my travel bag.  The Whirling Tripod recommends Scottevest jackets and pants for pilots, give them a try!  www.scottevest.com

For male drone pilots: http://www.scottevest.com/v3_store/subindex_mens.shtml

For Female drone pilots: http://www.scottevest.com/v3_store/subindex_womens_products.shtml