The DJI Phantom 3 has Launched

Today in cities around the world DJI Global broadcast live aerial streaming video from their new professional class consumer drone.  The Phantom 3 has a 4K video camera and a 12MP still camera that shoots Adobe DNG raw files. Retailing at $1259 this drone will be a sales leader immediately.  The new Phantom 3 inherits […]

Drone Gallery CES 2015 (Part III)

Here is the complete image gallery of drones. All seen at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. #CESdrones   We saw many varieties of unmanned systems on the show floor in 2015. I took images of every one that I could over the four days in Vegas.  Here is a gallery of those images.  It is […]

Drone makers become Camera makers and compete with GoPro.

Part II  Consumer Drones are all about the cameras The DJI Inspire1  The #CESdrones have leaders and followers.  Last year there were only a few OEM’s. This year there was a mob of them.  Drones were seen in almost every hall.  The market for consumer drones is growing exponentially.  It has revealed a clear winner […]

A Drone’s unique perspective shows us the Real Shape of a Rainbow.

Captured at 390ft altitude with a DJI Vision+ Flying Camera copyright George Krieger A new perspective can show us things we never knew existed. . . and it can change how we think of even common things like rainbows From my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter post:“Double Rainbow Over The Monterey Bay this morning!!!This happened at […]

Paying It Forward with Passion

Restoring Passion is the best way to Pay it Forward… Story and images by George Krieger – On December 16th in the middle of the night a fire started in Big Sur, California.  When I heard I knew I had to go photograph it but I never knew that it would be the emotional […]