The Drones, Data x Conference

Drones are data acquisition computers and this conference looked at many of the ideas that are being developed for the underlying infrastructure of thier future.  There were a lot of talks about security and authorizations to fly or otherwise run a routine on a drone, much like you have to log into active directory on […]

30X Optical Zoom for Drones may cause Privacy Issues

The Aeryon HDZoom30 Imaging Payload is a zoom camera designed to mount on the Aeryon SkyRanger™. This is a small drone platform use  by police and military for surveillance and recon.  This technology will surely hit the consumer drone market soon.  DJI has already partnered in licensing with micro 4/3rds makers, and that means better lenses and […]

The DJI Phantom 3 Flies at the NAB Show

It has been a week since DJI Global announced the new Phantom 3 series. Pre orders are brisk, I am told by several distributors. This week the Phantom 3 flies at the NAB Show for everyone here to see and touch. There are two models whose only apparent visible difference is the color of the trim […]

The Solo by 3D Robotics – A closer look at what was announced at NAB

Here at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, 3D Robotics announced and showed off its new smart drone called the Solo. It is being billed as the smartest consumer drone in the world.  The unique features and design of this new platform, make it something that aerial filmmakers should take a closer look at. The Solo’s features […]

Black Magic at the NAB Show today…

One of the big hypes was this product from Black Magic Design.  You have not heard much about them in the drone space yet, but you will now!  The drone war has started and now the camera wars are getting a leg up to a new level of size and weight to adapt to the new […]

NAB Show Pre-Game Party at Hakasan

 Whirling Tripod Takes you to the NAB SHOW!!! What you have never been to an NAB Party?  No worries come along with us as we have a drink and dance at the NAB Pre-Game Party.  The event is being held at the MGM Grand’s Hakasan night club.  I hope you like loud music 😀 All […]

The NAB Show is in Vegas, where it is illegal to fly drones.

  The Whirling Tripod is in Las Vegas to cover one of the largest Unmanned Aircraft/Drone Expos, The NAB Show.  So why isn’t the above image of the Vegas Strip?  Because flying in class B airspace is restricted in all of Las Vegas.  Thats right, both the Consumer Electronics Show and The NAB Show, which are […]

A drone rescue like none other

Drone rescue jumpers! While testing some new Polar Pro polarizing filters for the GoPro Hero 4 aboard my DJI Phantom 2, the drone became “stranded” 300 feet down, in a crevasse, below a bridge, near the Pacific Ocean.  I was dreading the dangerous climb down to get my aircraft.  While getting ready to descend I […]